The course is designed for any coach or facilitator interested to work with this innovative model in their
practice, no matter the domain, and for any person who wants to develop a unique set of skills to approach
even the most difficult personal and professional challenges.

Conscious Coaching (CC) is an energy process that re-connects and expands our multidimensional potential in
a presence based dialogue between friends, individuals, coach and explorer. It takes place in a space of deep
respect for what we already are.


CCT is a 5+1 days program followed by mentoring & supervision sessions for those who want to integrate it in their practice. 

After the 5+1 days of the program we invite the participants for:

Individual practice: In order to start including in your coaching practice the learning’s from CCT –  the way is first to integrate them in your daily life. Here are some areas in which you can see immediately the impact: relationships, job, parenting, training, business, team coordination and different kind of one to one approaches. To this we add a number of practice sessions between the participants in the training.

Supervision&Mentoring: Due to our commitment for deep learning we offer the possibility to participate in online supervision&mentoring sessions, where the participants will bring their experiences with CC (from practice sessions or other interactions or situations). This sessions are offered on request and are not covered by the Training Fee.


November 23-28, 2018

– Exploring awareness techniques & experiencing mindfulness
– Deepen the presence, as the main skill in any interaction with others and ourselves
– Understanding through exploration how being Natural and Authentic in interaction, allowing vulnerability creates openness and trust.
– (Re)connecting with the space of Qualities
– Exploring and understanding the natural flow of energy, which creates trust and how this impacts the way we deal with any situation
– Learning through practice how to use the CC Model in coaching and facilitating
– Moving from listening towards expressing through stillness, developing the ability to respond.
– Discovering the Synchronicity In An Effortless Interaction
Owning the experiences of the training, integrating them into our daily lives and our coaching practice allowing
them to move us beyond the usual understanding of dealing with patterns, issues, challenges.


Where Coaching and Meditation Become One


Olga Oltean

Kaifi Iraklis


Course Materials