Bodhi Medicine (Conscious Medicine) Workshop with Dr. Nirdosh Kohra

Bodhi Medicine (Conscious Medicine) is one of the most refined and scientific approaches to the human body that allows each individual to understand what Health really means. Through Bodhi Medicine we understand what the body is saying with any symptom or disease and therefore become more conscious and caring of our body and the people around us.


In the Bodhi Medicine (Conscious Medicine) Workshops you will learn how emotional & psychological events you experience in life affect the physical body, and how the body helps you to overcome these situations with its natural physiological responses. The body normally manifests the effort to come back to balance through symptoms in a specific area of the body.


Bodhi Medicine (Conscious Medicine) helps you to come out of the fear-based concept of Disease and reconnect with your intrinsic trust and understanding of how your body heals itself when we give it the right support.


In these workshops you will learn solid principles that are a great support for any practitioner of bodywork, energy work, nutrition, psychology, meditation, traditional allopathic doctors or for anyone interested in knowing what their body is saying with each symptom and how to prevent dis-ease from occurring.


In these workshops you will learn essential principles that will transform the way you see your body, health, dis-ease and life itself.


Dr. Nirdosh Kohra teaches these workshops based on his personal experience of more than 13 years working with Allopathic Medicine, Meditation, Neurosomatic Rebalancing, Naturopathy, Conscious Nutrition and many other methods of Alternative Medicine.

Everything that he teaches is based on extensive scientific research by Medical and Holistic doctors around the world.


In Conscious Medicine he teaches essential health principles like:

  1. The 5 Biological Laws of Germanic New Medicine.
  2. The 3 conditions that need to be present to cause any disease or imbalance in the human body.
  3. The single most important thing that any human being can do to prevent disease that no doctor ever says to his patients.
  4. The 3 emotions we go through before returning to a state of love and wellbeing.
  5. The physiological process the body, mind and heart go through, after a shocking or traumatic experience and how the body does everything it can to bring us back to harmony.
  6. The simple and clear understanding of why more than 90% of symptoms appear in the body after a period of intense stress.
  7. Different Meditation techniques and emotional expression that help the body to return to harmony, peacefulness and establish a natural connection with our inner voice or intuition.
  8. Specific communication skills that allow us to express things that cause blockages or dis-ease in our body.
  9. How to start connecting with our body in our daily life and be more aware of what it really needs to be healthy.
  10. The beauty and harmony of our internal and external eco-systems.
  11. How any symptom or Dis-ease has a specific biological purpose in our life and with awareness we can learn from it and evolve with it.


Once you learn and experience these essential universal principles you will have a totally new understanding on common concepts around health like:

  • What causes a flu, cough, sore throat or other inflammatory processes in the body.
  • The 3 main causes of weight gain, which have nothing to do with what we eat.
  • What causes vomiting or diarrhea.
  • What Cancer really is and how to approach it in a holistic way.
  • What does physical pain have to say to us according to its place in the body.
  • What is the role of microorganisms in our body. Do contagious diseases really exist?
  • What is a healing crisis?
  • The common symptoms that appear during a Sympathetic and a Parasympathetic state in the body.
  • What causes allergies in the body and how to eliminate them naturally.
  • What causes psychological diseases.
  • What causes Chronic symptoms and how they can end
  • When and how we can be supported by alternative therapies & when do we really need medications.


This is a theoretical & experiential workshop where you can re-learn the language of your body and clear out many limiting and stressful beliefs around health. It is absolutely scientific and understandable for anybody (you don´t need any previous training in the health area).

You will be able to understand and experience consciously the bridge between the mind, emotions and the physical body, bringing you a new relaxation, independence & trust in our body.

It Explains precisely the effect of our thoughts, beliefs and repressed emotions in our physical body and the liberating, healing and revitalizing effects of meditation, emotional release and all the various alternative healing methods that exist.


Why learn Bodhi Medicine (Conscious Medicine)?

From the beginning of our life we have all received conditioning & education about health, our body & what means to have a symptom or disease. We generally look at any symptom or disease with fear & take it as something negative in our body. This puts us in a helpless and stressful situation, where we depend absolutely on the words, diagnosis & treatment of the medical doctor or therapist.


Fortunately in the last decades many scientific discoveries have been made which prove that our body simply wants to help us in any situation and gives us specific messages through physical or mental symptoms.


Nobody has ever taught us how to listen to our body or how to understand this messages. Thanks to the discoveries made in hospitals by Medical Doctors who work with Conscious Medicine, we now know what each symptom of the body means and why the body reacts like this.

Once we understand these symptoms it becomes absolutely clear what we need to do in our lives to come back to harmony & wellbeing.


Bodhi Medicine (Conscious Medicine) Level 1

The Body

In this 3 and a half day module you will learn The 5 Biological Laws discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer in the 1980´s that have been studied in depth by other Medical and Holistic Doctors around the world allowing us to understand the following:

  • What causes any symptom, disease or imbalance in the body.
  • What happens in the body, mind and heart when we are in a sympathetic response
  • What happens in the body, mind and heart when we are in a parasympathetic process.
  • What causes Inflammation in the body and what it really means.
  • What causes chronical symptoms in the body.
  • What is an epileptic crisis or epicrisis.
  • What is fever.
  • What causes insomnia, anxiety, anorexia, panic attacks and similar symptoms.
  • Which are the 2 types of tumors that grow in the body and the reason for the body to create this “abnormal” growth.
  • What can cause death at a younger age and how we can prevent it.
  • Basic principles of embryology and physiology that will help you understand your body and it´s connection to the other living beings in this planet.
  • The very important role that virus, bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms play in our body.
  • The truth around infectious and contagious diseases.
  • How “getting sick” is a natural process of the body that has been designed for millions of years that helps us to survive and evolve in this world.
  • What causes allergies and how we can get rid of them naturally.
  • Why we sometimes somatize on the right side of the body and why sometimes on the left.
  • Useful tips and practices that can help to prevent symptoms in the body or that help reduce already existing ones.
  • How we can integrate conventional medicine and different healing methods to support the body in the best way.
  • What are Objective Medical Emergencies and Subjective Medical Emergencies.
  • How to take care of ourselves once we have a symptom in the body to recover faster.
  • The importance of meditation and other alternative healing methods for our health.


In BM Level 1 we will go through each organ and tissue of the body explaining what kind of situations in life trigger a symptom in that area of the body, and how it always makes sense that the body responds in this way. Like this you will be able to understand your own personal usual symptoms in a totally new way and will also be able to understand people when they have different symptoms in their lives.

We will explore the main issues and behavioral patterns around the 4 basic groups of organs in the body:

  • Organs of survival
  • Organs of protection
  • Organs of body structure and mobility
  • Organs of connection and interaction with the outside world

We will also work with limiting beliefs to see the underlying truth that will allow you to expand the limits of your consciousness and give you a new sense of freedom in life.

During this module you will experience different emotional release and meditation techniques that you can integrate in your daily life to support health in a physical, mental and emotional level.

This workshop will give you many tools for the rest of your life to help you in your personal health and the people around you.

If you are any kind of health practitioner, a body worker, energy worker, homeopath, acupuncturist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, psychotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, naturopath, medical doctor, etc., you will benefit immensely from this workshop and find a new depth in your practice.

Dr. Nirdosh Kohra:

Born in Mexico City, graduated as a Medical Doctor from Anahuac University of Mexico. Founder of Bodhi Medicine Institute, a new holistic approach to healing, that looks for the root cause of any symptom or disease including emotional, mental, physical, toxicological or energetical situations and works together with the patient to restore balance again, using various methods like TBM (Neurosomatic Rebalancing), Bodhi Medicine (Based on the Biological Laws from Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer), Transomatic Dialogue, Reiki, Theta Healing, Conscious Nutrition, Detoxing, Meditation and ancient body-mind healing methods, integrating the western and eastern approach to healing.

Nirdosh is a certified practitioner of Transomatic Dialogue, TBM, GNM, Primal Therapy, Osho No Mind, Osho Mystic Rose and Osho Born Again Meditative Therapies (Osho Multiversity, India), 1st Akashic Process, Master Reiki, Dream Dialogue and Past Life Dialogue.

He is an Awareness Intensive Instructor (Who is in? / Who am I?) certified by the Awareness Academy in Greece and the Integral Being Institute in Italy.

Co-Founder of Path of Meditation (2006)

Co-founder of Conscious Nutrition Academy (2007).

Founder of Bodhi Medicine (2015).

He offers Awareness Intensive and Primal retreats, Active Meditation workshops, Men´s gatherings, Osho meditative therapies, Conscious Medicine trainings and individual sessions around the world and runs a Holistic Medicine practice in Mexico, Greece, Brazil and other places of Europe and Asia.


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