Introduction to Somatic Intelligence & Leadership Embodiment with Paul King


You discover how to tap into your somatic intelligence, the wisdom of your body-mind and explore:
– The power of being centered and balanced
– How your habitual patterns under stress show up in your body and limit your choice
– Listening to others without taking things personally. 

“It was such a gift to be able to bring my deeply help habitual patterns into conscious awareness in a safe and fun environment, accept them for what they are and allow them to shift at their own pace” – Bettina Pickering, Director


Paul King is co-founder of The Beyond Partnership ( and has been a coach and consultant to individuals and organisations for 25 years. Paul was the first person in Europe to be certified as a Leadership Embodiment trainer. He has practiced Tai Chi for many years and is qualified in Feldenkrais (Movement Re- Education) and Polarity Therapy. He is also a NLP Trainer and an Inner Game coach.

“Paul is an excellent facilitator and not only shared the content of the somatics workshop, but worked with each individual to coach them through their own learning. I would highly recommend this work to anyone in the coaching and leadership field” – Nancy Hughes, Coach, MCC



On the 12th of November, Paul will facilitate an introductory 3-hour workshop @ Enjoy Change, 1Hristo Botev Str, floor 3, room 308. 

Seats are limited!


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