We support you through exploration during the discovery of the inner coach, with deep respect for what the ‘whole man’ is.
We discovered what it takes to become a certified professional coach. The learning process in our accredited courses is designed to bring you closer to becoming certified professional coach.
Coaching doesn’t change who you are, it only reveals your potential and the way towards high performance.
Becoming certified professional coach is the start of a journey, during which we continue to be beside you in the learning process. You can choose the courses that match your coaching style and specialization.
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“We are committed to uncover the human potential and make the performance become visible through coaching practice. Our mission is to honor the trust with which One2Coach is invested.”

For whom is Coaching Training?

We offer a variety of learning experiences through coaching.


Meet our team:

Adela Iepure

I am a Psychologist, I have a Master in Communication and Human Resources and training as Coach was a natural step in my becoming as a professional. I am now ready to share what I have learned with all those interested in becoming coaching professionals.

Catalina Molnar

I am passionate about living life in harmony with its own values, in synchronicity with the universe that surrounds us. And that implies change, dynamics, flexibility, acceptance, creativity, systemic and strategic thinking, presence … all of this being brought to the space I created for people to find inspiration to reach their potential.

Cristian Nicolae

I firmly believe in the force given by the systemic approach, interactions and processes in our minds or organizations, and not in individual punctual interventions over its members, without taking into account the contribution to the whole system.

Doru Curteanu

I’m a coach and system facilitator for leaders and teams. I work with my clients to support the flow of health, vitality and prosperity in the human systems in which they are members: families, teams, organizations and communities.

Kaifi Iraklis

Kaifi, creator of Separation to Unity and co-creator of Transcendental Coaching has been initiated and trained in many different methods & techniques. He is licensed HeartMath Coach, certified practitioner of DVNLP (the German Association of NeuroLinguistic Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis and he is a facilitator’s trainer of OSHO Meditative Therapies and Active Meditations.

Lilia Dicu

The job of being a coach is rather a journey than a destination. The complexity of people and the environment teaches you quickly that you can not know better than the person you train to overcome obstacles and who they are. So, creating the coaching relationship, respecting the coaching process and applying the principles of hermeneutics, you can change your personal and organizational destinies.

Mihai Popa-Radu

During my 13 years of coaching journey, I had the privilege of learning from a series of Special Men, both coaches such as James Flaherty, John Whitmore or Robert Dilts, as well as from spiritual masters such as the Dalai Lama, Ken Wilber, and by their vocation, Osho is Alan Watts. What I have learned from them is that in life it matters first how you are like a man, and less how and what you do as a profession, and that’s why I think there is a big difference between aspiring to be a coach and one who do coaching.

Olga Oltean

I believe that being a facilitator is a quality in itself. Simple: You are a facilitator or you are not a facilitator. Allow others to experience whatever they need in this process, trust them, and create the space where they can recognize, accept, and integrate change in their lives.

Oana Pop

After more than 10 years in corporate environment, in 2013 I decided to take on a new role – that of a coach and system facilitator. From this space I support the sustainable growth and organizations’ transformation, my the main areas of competence being systemic facilitation, executive coaching and organizational development. I have extensive experience working with leading entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations.

John Whittington

Founder of Coaching Constellations, John delivers an extensive training program for those interested in becoming certified systemic facilitators. All his work is designed to support the flow of leadership and organizational vitality, illuminating and resolving the hidden architecture and limiting dynamics that naturally occur in all systems. He facilitates constellation workshops for founders, leaders, managers, teams, coaches and consultants. John is also the author of “Systemic coaching and constellations” – a reference book in the realm of systemic leadership and coaching.