Coach In – Coach Out Meetings

Coach In – Coach Out Meetings

We started “Coach In-Coach Out” meetings with the intention to create a space for self-exploration. A space where we can open and find support in finding out how we create our own reality. The reality that permanently meets the others’ realities.


We are inviting you to join us for the second edition of 2022, where we want to create a learning space through experimentation, sharing experiences and knowledge. In this January session you can have the experience of an individual Coaching process, in which we will explore the skills that define a Professional Coach.


Also, during this session you will have the opportunity to explore current personal topics in the context of the Individual Coaching process.


By participating in this session you will be able to:
* Get clarity on a decision by exploring ways to follow;
* Expand your frame of reference on a situation where you might be feeling stuck;
* Clarify a personal or professional goal, to be able to approach and establish an action plan;
*And more.


This event is for all those who are interested in:
– Finding out more about Coaching in general;
– Discovering what becoming a professional coach involves;
– Exploring the mindset of a coaching practitioner;
– Understanding more about the qualities and skills a Coaching professional needs to develop in an intentional way.


Join One2Coach team for this month’s edition, the event will be held in Romanian language via Zoom.

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