The course is a complete learning process for professional coaching certification. It is designed to fulfill
all ICF (International Coach Federation) credentialing requirements.
It offers through its structure a efficient blend of theoretical learning, learning by doing, reflection both in and
on action and mentor process.

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    • Understanding what being a professional coach inside and outside Romania means
    • Teaching all competences that create the foundation for becoming a professional coach (ICF -International Coach Federation)
    • Recognizing and (re)connecting with what ‘being a coach’ means
    • Learning essential skills for coaching people interested in improved performance
    • Building through practice skills that support the coaching activity
    • Creating a balance between coaching relationship and coaching process
    • Professional branding tools for coaching
    • Creating a business plan
    • Tools and methods to be used in specific coaching situations
    • Coaching glossary


    Full specialization:

    8 MODULES (10h in 2days – Saturday, from 9.00am till 5.00pm & Sunday, from 9.00am till 1.30pm)

    6 group mentor coach sessions (3h during evening – Tuesday/Wednesday)

    3 individual mentor coach sessions (1h each)

    20 supervised coaching practice sessions (3h during evening – Tuesday/Wednesday)

    Number of student contact hours included in program: 156 coach training hours with ICF distinction (ACSTH), plus 6 group mentor coach of 3h and 3 individual mentor coach sessions of 1h.

    At the end of the program you will receive a certificate for 156 ACSTH hours.

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    Dates and locations of when and where the program is to be delivered

    Starting 22nd of May 2021 (English/international Edition – Full description here), ask for the full agenda.

    Starting October 2021 (Romanian Edition), ask for the full agenda.

    How the program is delivered

    Online, on Zoom platform

    In addition the students are offered other learning experiences through online dedicated platform.

    The learning process is supported by permanent formal (structured on ICF Core Competences) and informal feed-back from facilitators’ team.


    The course offers the space to re(connect) with what the “whole man” is, understand and experience the full potential and finally manifest the learned skills into performance.

    Self-exploration happening in parallel with skills building & refining through sustained practice (learning by doing) and reflection during and after practice session.


    Adela Iepure

    Catalina Molnar

    Cristian Nicolae

    Olga Oltean


      Course Materials