The course is designed for any coach care aims to the next level of ICF competences, in order to get a new
individual accreditation (ACC, PCC or MCC). Participating in this course offers you all the necessary hours
(group and individual) for any ICF individual accreditation level.

This 3 days (taking place at one month distance) course is also addressed to the managers or other people who participated before in a coaching skills training for leadership, and want to reach the next level of development, or follow the coaching profession.


– How to create an agreement for each coaching session
– Have a strategic approach in a session and follow the agreed goals
– Use the 5 level of influence in coaching (physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual) in order to
improve the communication and to create a constructive intervention space
– Identify the keys the coach is acting through to support the client to get result (intention and
attention, acceptance, presence, centering, transformational space)
– Identify the personal blockages that stop us from becoming a better coach
– Deepening the understanding of the similarities and differences between coaching and other
disciplines (training, counseling, consultancy and therapy)
Owning the experiences of the training, integrating them into our daily lives and our coaching practice allowing
them to move us beyond the usual understanding of dealing with patterns, issues, challenges.


“I believe that only by constantly smoothing our skills we can get to mastery. We learn from all the experiences and from all the people which surround us. Being open and responsible with what is happening to us, we learn the profession and life with joy and commitment and create a positive difference in the world.“- Lilia Dicu, Master Mentor One 2 Coach


    Course Materials