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The Systemic Coaching and Constellations program will offer coaches, managers, facilitators and trainers the opportunity to participate in this unique and highly experiential training, which is built on the application of systemic constellations principles and practices in individual, team and organizational coaching setups.

The program is dedicated to all coaches, facilitators and trainers who have been through a coaching skills fundamentals training, already acquired some experience in working with clients and want to bring their coaching awareness and practice to the next level by investing in both their personal and professional development. The full program attendance (three modules) will be awarded with a total of 42 ICF CCE hours (29 core competencies hours and 13 resource development hours).

It will appeal to those who would like to understand and work with the dynamics that nourish and limit human relationship systems through a practical yet often profound methodology. You may be a very experienced coach, facilitator or trainer – or just getting established – however you will know that a deeper awareness of the dynamics held within personal and professional systems can inform and fuel your growth and progress and that of your clients.

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    With a systems perspective and understanding it becomes clearer where some of the complex dynamics that emerge in organizational and business systems are created. Systemic constellations, systemic consulting and systemic coaching have a role to play in clarifying, illuminating and resolving these invisible dynamics. They allow a different, broader landscape to be seen and worked with. They enlarge the awareness of the context and allow resources and resolutions to emerge.

    Fundamentals Training Part I (a)

    October 19-20, 2018

    This training is designed to introduce the systemic coaching and constellations methodology as applied in coaching individuals, groups, teams and organizations. It will appeal to those who would like to better understand the organizing forces that sustain and limit relationship systems at work and who like to integrate a practical methodology for respectfully resolving limiting dynamics.

    What is included?

    The participants will be guided to explore the organizing principles of relationship systems and the application of systemic constellations in individual, team, group and organizational coaching. Highlights of the experiential training include:

    • A thorough introduction to the stance, principles and practices
    • The practical application of systemic constellations in one-to-one coaching
    • An introduction to working with teams using systemic mindset and methodology
    • An understanding of your own systemic resources and loyalties

    Fundamentals Training Part I (b)

    January 18-19, 2019

    Part II is designed to support participants to deepen their systemic stance, the ability to resource themselves as systemic facilitators and to apply this profound and powerful work in group and one to one coaching settings.

    What is included?

    This level of the training  includes further teaching, small group, pairs and individual exercises and practice. Highlights include:

    • Aknowledging what is – a living map for learning integration
    • Full group organisational constellation
    • Facilitating your first small group constellation – a step by step approach
    • Review of stance, principles and practices
    • Experience a collaborative organisational constellation
    • Working with floor markers in 1 to 1 and group settings
    • Resourcing from your family of origin – an exercise
    • Resourcing from your professional experiences – individual and small group work

    Fundamentals Training Part II
    March 13-14-15, 2019

    Fundamentals Part III is meant to help participants broaden their understanding of key concepts, deepen their systemic stance and ability to practice the methodologies and techniques with individuals, teams, groups and organizations in coaching contexts.

    What is included?

    This level of the training journey includes further exercises meant to deepen understanding and practice of:

    • The use of systemic questioning in coaching and organizational change and the impact of personal, organizational and systemic conscience and the hidden loyalties that emerge.
    • The use of systemic language that names ‘what is’, as well as the use of systemic sentences that create lasting embodied change in leadership and professional development coaching.
    • Group constellations, in small and larger groups. By facilitating constellations in this way, you will be able to deeply understand and integrate the stance, principles and practices.
    • Structural constellations, including the Tetralemma, used for complex decision making and the resolution of dilemmas. Structural constellations can be particularly useful when working with people who are new to the approach.


    Program fees and payment options:

    Early bird full payment by 15th of July 2018

    2100 Eur

    Full program payment

    (30% in advance until 15th of July 2018 to secure place and 70% before end of August 2018)



    2250 Eur

    2 Installments payment:

    First instalment paid in full before end of August 2018 (with an advance of 30% paid until 15th of July to secure place)

    Second instalment paid in full before end of January 2019


    1200 Eur


    1200 Eur

    Special price for One 2 Coach former students (in full or in two instalments)  

    2100 Eur




    All payment options include:

    –               Fundamentals I (a), I(b) & II Modules – 7 training days 

    –               Book: Systemic Coaching and Constellations: The Principles, Practices and Application for Individuals, Teams and Groups


    John Whittington

    Oana Pop

    Doru Curteanu

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      Course Materials

      The students will receive the book "Systemic Coaching and Constellations" who's author is John Whittington.