Coach In – Coach Out: Psychometric Intruments in Coaching

We started “Coach In-Coach Out” meetings with the intention to create a space for sefl-exploration. A space where we can open and find support in finding out how we create our own reality. The reality that permanently meets the others’ realities.

On 14th June 2018 (18:30-21:00), we are inviting you to join us for a new edition where we want to create a learning space through experimentation, sharing experiences and knowledge.

Out guest, Adrian Dinu, is proposing us to explore a model and a tool to measure the thinking and behavioral patterns, and their consequences on our performance and relationship with others. We will look at these patterns primarily from the perspective of a coach (or future coach) and secondly from the perspective of being able to understand and better support our clients and/or colleagues.

In coaching, psychometric instruments are offering a starting point in a discussion with a client about his/her preferences in terms of behaviors and thinking. Appropriately provided by the coach, this feedback helps the client gaining new insights and become more self-aware … which can catalyze his professional and personal development process.

Adrian Dinu has been using psychometric instruments, created by Human Synergistics, for the last 5 years in his professional experience. The instrument he will offer us to experiment with is Life Styles Inventory ™.


You can register for our June edition here.



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