‘Organizational Constellations and Systemic Leadership’ Workshop

“In any complex setting, people typically focus their attention on the parts of the system most visible from their own vantage point. This usually results in arguments about who has the right perspective on the problem. Helping people see the larger system is essential to building a shared understanding of complex problems. This understanding enables collaborating organizations to jointly develop solutions not evident to any of them individually and to work together for the health of the whole system rather than just pursue symptomatic fixes to individual pieces” – Peter M. Senge

What is a constellation?

A constellation is an external map of an internal reality that shapes our understanding of the world. It is a method that taps into the intuitive knowing that we all have – the “felt sense” of a situation.

It is a process where a systemic facilitator accompanies the client in exploring a question or an intention connected to a current challenge they have. The first step is to get a sense of what are the key elements connected with the client’s issue (for example me as a manager, my team and our clients). After that the client is invited to select participants from the group to represent these elements and sets them up in relation to one another in a way that expresses their felt sense of the current situation.

The facilitator then invites the client to sit back, be fully present and observe what goes on between the representatives. This heightened attention serves the question enabling the client to get a bigger and more attuned picture of what is going on. With that comes a deeper understanding of the invisible dynamics creating the current situation – “What is actually going on in this system?” and can support a step towards better by inviting the client to observe “What becomes possible?” in this new set up.



18:00 Introduction – seeing the organization as a live organism and exploring the systemic organizing principles that shape all human systems
18:15 Exploring the systemic lens by looking at the whole organization in relation to the three main competence centers (Knowledge, Structure, Trust)
18:45 Organizational or professional constellations – a great opportunity to set up a current challenge connected to a project or an organization you are involved in so that you can explore the current dynamics and test different options for moving forward
19:45 Coffee break
20:00 Reflection – the systemic principles and practices in action
20:30 The inner stance and attitude of the systemic leader
21:00 Wrap up


Details about the event

Date and location:      18th of April 2018 starting at 6pm

Registration:           16 seats available – please book and pay in advance to secure your seat  (100 RON – participation fee)

Facilitators:           Oana Pop and Doru Curteanu – Master Practitioners in systemic coaching organizational constellations

Host:             Enjoy Change


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