Hello I'm Irina Roncea

I believe that “we all have a creative mind, we just need to refine them”.


Working in marketing and public relations allowed me to understand that “we all need to work to discover the creative skills that we have covered in us.”

About me

A creative mind and a refined intellect for business for more than 15 years of work in marketing and public relations.


With a management background, I ran one of the largest public relations agencies in Romania (Golin), where he managed a team of more than 40 people, with PR, social media and creative professionals.


I was named PR Professional of the Year in 2020 and ranked the No. 1 PR Agency in Romania five times with Golin, has been awarded in multiple local and international PR competitions.


Founding member of Global Women in PR Romania and certified Coach.


My experience is in brand communication such as corporate, as well as CSR, social media and digital, employer brand and internal communication.


Throughout my career I have worked with strong companies and brands in various industries including Banking & Finance, IT , Food & Beverage, FMCG, Retail, Automotive, to name some of them.

My Experience

Brand communication specialist.

Marketing and analyst.

Expert in public relations for companies.

Professional and personal Coach.

Client Testimonials

Irina, thank you for the personal branding course. I went through it firmly convinced, from one end to the other, that the power of my personal brand comes from my true self and that it will be essential for me in fulfilling my profession and mission of COACH.
Before I use to feel less confident in the presentation and spent a lot of time thinking, because a look of confidence, after your input I feel more clear how to move forward your insights enrich me a lot, especially in subject of online presence branding.
She know a lot and can help lot. Branding is a serious business and requires work. I received a lot of useful tips and tricks. I had branding attempts in the past but I didn't manage to take concrete steps. Irina Thank you for the support!!

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