Coaching and Stress

Remember the last time you encountered yourself in a stressful situation. A communication issue with a colleague or boss, decision making, reaching your target, KPI’s, transition of some sort, or trying to build a new healthier habit without success.

What were your needing back then?

Maybe to understand better yourself and the context, a solution along with the strength to see it through, or just to be listened to while talking about it?

Coaching can provide all the above, as it is all about you and your goals.

How are goals connected with the stressful situations mentioned above?

In any challenging situation we are searching for something: clarity, options, resources, or maybe new skills to deal better with the situation. This is how each coaching process starts: with what are you looking for in the situation you find yourself in.

Setting goals is also creating a shift in the mindset: from what is not working towards what you need to make it work.

How reaching your goals happens?

The coaching partnership provides you the support to understand what exactly you need to get the results you want. We call it a partnership as it is an equal relationship, full of acceptance and respect for who you are, what you already know, and what you can do.

This acceptance brings safety and creates openness in the process of self-discovery. Looking with honesty at the way we think about the situation and about ourselves is an important condition to move towards our goals.

What stands between you and your goals?

Most of the time as we struggle, we are not quite aligned with what we want to achieve. This usually happens because of outdated ways of thinking, old protective strategies, limiting beliefs, and disregarded values. But once we become aware of them with the coach’s support, we will start seeing also the options we have, and the resources and skills we need to get the results we want. And this is one of the highlights of the coaching process.

What are generally some of the resources and skills we build in this context?

One of the roles of the coach is to help you acknowledge the qualities you possess and the way you connected with them in other similar contexts. How you used your skills and resources, and how you usually develop new skills, how you learn new habits. This will make it easier for you to develop and put to work new skills like: emotional resilience, empathy, communication and negotiation skills, ability to make mistakes and learn from them, self-confidence etc.

How is the learning involved in the coaching process?

At this point aligning with your goal and connecting with your resources will bring relief along with the energy to initiate actions, which will move you forward. This is when the coach is also inviting you to evaluate your level of commitment and then offering support throughout the trial and error of your learning process, and continuing with reflection and conceptualization, until you reach your goal/s. And this is when they will also celebrate with you your success.

If you experience a stressful situation in your life, then a coaching partnership might just be the answer. The ingredients are: openness for self-reflection, compassion, effort and commitment to initiate the appropriate actions meant to lead you to success in the context of your goals.