Systemic Team Coaching Sessions

Client is the team and not the individuals that make up the team.


When is suitable:

Primary goal is the development and learning of the team collectively, so that it can co-create greater value with and for all its stakeholders. So, when there is a clear need for: aligning individual goals to team goals, collaboration, communication, managing conflict, motivation, quality, engagement, taking responsibility, follow through team decisions, increasing performance, collaboration between departments, overcoming resistance to change.


What are the advantages: 

  • Individual interest alignment and 
  • Bringing individual knowledge and know-how for the benefit of the team. 
  • Integrating functional diversity of different kinds of expertise and learning styles.
  • Integrating mindset diversity: generational, professional, cultural, geographical for the benefit of the team/organization.
  • Building mutual trust, respect and psychological safety within and across the team with the stakeholders.
  • Improving, optimization or redesign: decisional, communication, informational flow, workflow, reporting, surfacing technical and behavioral problems, distributing resources and responsibilities processes.

Which are the basic working principles: 

  • The Team is the Client
  • The Team Leader is part of the Team
  • Team goals, action plans, decisions and focus are agreed within the team and not indicated by the team leader alone
  • During the team coaching program the course of action is decided by the team and not predesigned by the coach
  • Paradigm shift from conventional thinking to systemic thinking: to optimize the whole we have to optimize the relationship between the parts
  • The elements of the systemic thinking: Purpose, Values, Strategies, Processes, Relationships between individuals, Structures, Learning, Culture and Leadership

How long it can last: 

The number of sessions can vary between 4 and 12, depending on the complexity of the team goals and action plan. One session can take up to 2-4h. Sometimes facilitation is more suitable than team coaching for specific team topics like: need for a strategic decision or problem solving. In this case 1 or 2 4h sessions might support the team in getting the results.