Coach In – Coach Out

We started “Coach In – Coach Out” meetings with the intention to create a space for self-exploration. A space where we can open and find support in finding out how we create our own reality. The reality that permanently meets the others’ realities.

To discover how we influence each other, both personally and professionally.

To accept in order to integrate and move on towards our aspirations and desires.

To slowly (re)discover Coaching and, if we resonate, to learn how to build a relationship with it.

Everyone who contemplates or even started exploring one of the above aspects is welcome in this space, regardless of the level of expertise in Coaching.

The space created by our very presence will bring the initial value we can build on (and demolish at the same time). Because we will be able to demolish everything that prevents us from advancing – everything that is not authentic and constructive.

Thus, every month, we welcome all those interested in the phenomenon of self-knowledge. If you feel the call, we are waiting for you together with alumni, students and One2Coach team!

The meeting is dedicated to the sharing of thoughts, experiences and questions (open …) to which we can find answers through coaching.

You can register for our Brasov first edition (28 February) – “Coaching Individual Sessions”, by filling up the form on the right side.

See you there!



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