Olga Oltean – Program Director, Facilitator & Mentor Coach

I have always been fascinated by the question: ‘how we function as human beings’, which brought up in me a deep curiosity for human nature.

Initial fascination has proven to be for me more than 10 years ago the starting point in the experience that bears the name of COACHING, based on the holistic approach of human being. I understood during my coaching practice that allowing the client to teach me who he/she is brings immense transformational value to the process.

I always knew there was something beyond the initial appearance, and I continued to look in-depth. Even when this was not expected from me (:)). The result has always been the same: authenticity, connection, trust.

Someone once asked me, what is my primary quality as a facilitator of change? I think that being a facilitator is a quality in itself. Simple: You are a facilitator or you are not a facilitator. Allow others to experience whatever they need in this, trust and create the space they can recognize, accept, and integrate change into their lives.

I trust the power of learning communities and I support the development and innovation in education.”

  • ICF Certified Coach – PCC Level;
  • Founder, Coordinator & Facilitator One2Coach School (2014-present)
  • Co-Creator of Conscious Coaching;
  • Founder and Change Facilitator “Enjoy Change” – organization the supports the human personal and professional change process through different approaches: trainings, meditation workshops, meditation practice;
  • Partner, Coaching & Facilitator Coaching Essence School (2010-2014);
  • Trainer, Product Manager at Porsche Finance Group (2009 – 2012);
  • General Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager in Financial Services Companies (Financial Leasing, Operational Leasing)
  • Training in Systemic Coaching and Organisational Constellations, transformational coaching, business and team, NLP in business;
  • Facilitator of “OSHO No-Mind” and “OSHO Born Again”
  • Over 600 hours of individual and team coaching (2010-2019);