Hello I'm Olga Oltean

I have a big trust in embodied transformation, which has the source in my own embodied self-leadership process, along with my clients’ transformations.


Our needs and values change as we move through life, and by remaining embodied we increase the chance of recognizing them and to coming closer, discovering, and pursuing our life’s vision.

About me

My fascination and deep respect towards human nature and the way we learn and grow made me dedicate my time and energy on creating diverse learning experiences and communities meant to support transition/s and growth, taking on this mission as founder of One 2 Coach and Enjoy Change.
I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Trainer with more than 12 years experience in both corporate area and personal initiated growth processes.
One of my important missions is bringing coaching and mindfulness together, in a coaching certification.
My clients are appreciating my presence and my direct yet friendly approach, that allows them to connect and accept where they are in their life. Through this deep acceptance, they start also discovering how to connect with their essential qualities. This brings along empowerment to navigate towards being more whole and real, while working to achieve their specific goals.
You can find me facilitating both group and individual growth, embodied leadership processes, through coaching, training and facilitation.
I coach entrepreneurs, managers, educators and different categories of individuals in building skills for navigating smoothly through diverse transitions life brings along.

My Experience

Learning programs entrepreneur and community builder.

Mindfulness and wellness programs – both open and inhouse.

Entrepreneurs and managers experience

Training and mentoring professional coaches.

Client Testimonials

Since we started working together it has been a savior for a lot of things in my life. It’s been inspiring to feel free, understood, and supported in my process. She gives me the space to let me figure out what feels right to me, building confidence in my journey. I love hearing what she has to say because it gives me a fresh and truthful perspective of all and this make me feel a much more lighter.
Gita Devi
The coaching process with Olga is a highlight in my life. The sessions feel like getting in a lab where we have a close look into the challenges I come across, and with these special lenses we discover the truth of it. The result is expanding my points of view, seeing new possibilities with fresh eyes, and learning to be more conscious way. She brings together depth, sharpness and openness.
Melisa Schiliro
Olga, thank you so much for the sensitivity, the sweetness, the serenity, the warmth and the openness. I felt a lot of support in each course and tutoring session. One of the biggest lessons that I got from you from you is to learned what it means to be silent, to be vulnerable and comfortable with that, to listen, to be present, to create space and safety. I learned HARMONY from you.
Otilia Toma

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