Hello I'm Catalina Molnar

The dream I believe in and follow is: “We, as humans, living aligned with our essence, tapping into our own qualities and manifesting them, and enjoying life as it unfolds.

A world of synchronicity, collaboration and harmony, us growing together in an environment supported by compassion, inclusion and acceptance.”

About me

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), with more than 7 years of coaching experience and facilitation. And this path I followed after more than 10 years of strategic planning and macroeconomics in the corporate arena.

My coaching practice is tailored for each individual, co-creating the experience that is in service of the client’s uniqueness.

I creatively combine different approaches like systemic coaching,somatic intelligence, mindfulness, expressive art in order to illuminate the the client’s wholeness and to sustain the flow of one’s life.

My strength is the presence I have developed, that allows me to access the unknown territories with trust and curiosity and transforming the most contrasting contexts/thoughts into opportunities, gifts and creation.

My Experience

Team manager.

Coaching Supervisor and Facilitator.

Training Programs in Macroeconomics, Systemic and Strategic Thinking.

Macroeconomic research and modeling (National Bank of Romania, ABN AMRO/ RBS Romania; Unicredit Bank Romania)

Client Testimonials

Catalina was supporting and holding the space with a lot of sensitivity and care to creates a relaxation in me! It's the relationship in which I felt the best how important openness is and how much it can bring! "
Thank you Catalina, for what I learned from you during the supervision meetings! Some words that I associate with you, as a coach and facilitator: serenity, refinement, elegance, professionalism!
Thank you, Catalina, for your patience, understanding, peace, joy and confidence that you make me feel basically held felt after each supervision session. I learned PRESENCE from you. Thank you again!

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