Business Coaching

Individual Coaching session

The coach is partnering one on one with the individual. The goal is to enable their creativity, access their potential and improve performance on both professional and personal level. It usually lasts for 1h.

Systemic Team Coaching Sessions

Client is the team and not the individuals that make up the team.

When is suitable: Primary goal is the development and learning of the team collectively, so that it can co-create greater value with and for all its stakeholders. So, when there is a clear need for: aligning individual goals to team goals, collaboration, communication, managing conflict, motivation, quality, engagement, taking responsibility, follow through team [read more]

Group Coaching

Individuals in the group are receiving personal coaching.

The goal is the development and learning of individuals within the group, so they can better engage their aspirations/challenges/dreams. Can last for 2-3 hours

Organizational Coaching

Organizational Coaching  development purpose is to increase the speed response and adapting to market changes, supporting organizations build their capacity to change.

We work identifying and using resources in order to improve productivity and efficiency, defining organizational success, setting goals and plans to achieve them.

Taking into consideration the elements described in the Team Coaching section, organizational coaching is leveling up the work to the organizational level.


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