Hello I'm Ana Maria Kică Roşie

For me, coaching is a way of living: an open and curious dialogue, with the people I encounter, with situations, with life.


My life experiences taught me how powerful coaching is, specially when it is combined with a skillfully guided process of mindful practice

About me

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and psychotherapist in psychodrama.

I worked for 13 years in the corporate sector in business growth areas (commercial performance, revenue management, market measures, marketing research).


I hold Bachelor degrees in Marketing and Psychology and a Master degree in Marketing.


I coach professionals and entrepreneurs to help them find fulfillment in their business/career and in their personal lives by creating their own definition of success and aligning their actions to inner values and needs.


My strength is bringing awareness to what lies beneath the surface by integrating mind, emotions and body.

My Experience

Psychodrama techniques and the science of embodied change.

Entrepreneurship Coaching - purpose driven business.

Training and mentoring professional coaches.

Professional and personal Coaching.

Client Testimonials

Ana has the ability of seeing where I was struggling, she help me to have clarity and support to identifying what was holding me back, and from there, building up the confidence, consistency, and focus in what I wanted.
Ruxanda Bran
In the safe space Ana created, I felt at ease to share all my dreams, hopes and fears. Feeling fully accepted and seen is a transformational experience. I am impressed by how beautifully she managed to lead me into leading myself.
Corina Nicolae
Ana has a very nurturing, healing, heartfelt attitude. She supported me in balancing mind and heart, and feeling more centered. Now I see more opportunities and possibilities, and that is a great gift. Thank you, for all Ana!
Melissa Holtz

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