"Die Before You Die" - Course - The Art of Let Go Through Life and Death

In this meditative healing journey inspired by Sufis and Shamans, the space is created for deep inner transformation. Supported at times by live music, this is a powerful process that enhances your sense of profound freedom so as to flow lovingly with Life’s rhythm. Breathing, relaxing, receiving and enjoying who you really are, realizing your true nature as an essential part of the Organic Whole – these are just some of the key themes you’ll experience in these four days.

Experience on this journey how your energy becomes liberated as you acknowledge the attachments, identifications and patterns that cause suffering in your life. Using meditations, the powerful healing technique “From Separation To Unity” and connecting with the science supporting this process, a shift through the filters and limits of ego and personality is happening. As a result you reconnect with your natural state of Love and beauty as you realize your true Nature again.

When you relax and surrender to trust, energy will be liberated. In the wonderful space you then experience, a bridge is created between your awareness and the inherent intelligence of your heart. Your energy now moves freely and reconnects you with Love. The celebration of beauty and the mystery of life and death can truly begin!

Key themes
  • What is the core pattern that limits life’s flow?
  • What is the gift behind this core pattern and what is the true essence that transcends both pattern and gift?
  • How to live naturally from your essence, staying open and trusting.
  • Who or what is it that dies?
  • What happens at the time of death?
  • How can you support others as they approach death and die?


Kaifi, creator of ‘From Separation to Unity’ and co-creator of ‘Conscious Coaching & Mentoring’ has been trained in and initiated into many different methods and techniques. He is a licensed HeartMath® Coach, a facilitator’s trainer of OSHO Meditative Therapies and Active Meditations as well as a certified practitioner of DVNLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

For many years now Kaifi has been working with individuals, couples and groups all around the world. The trainings, courses and retreats he facilitates include:

From Separation to Unity – Course and Practitioner Training

Conscious Coaching and Mentoring Training

Die Before You Die – The Art of Let-go

Meditation in Depth with Live Music and Facilitators Training

OSHO Meditative Therapies – Courses and Trainings

Energy Healing

The main sources of inspiration for Kaifi’s work have been his own life experiences and above all his way of living, which has been ‘on the edge’ for many years. At a certain moment a point of transformation occurred when the concept of ‘From Separation to Unity’ (FSTU) was born. It’s an elegant system of Energy Healing that was created intuitively, yet in complete accord with the latest scientific research on heart consciousness. In 2017 Kaifi developed ‘The FSTU Practitioner Training’ for those interested in sharing this powerful technique. This is a training to facilitate highly-effective sessions for individuals, couples and groups.

Born on the Greek island of Crete, Kaifi has since travelled extensively around the world. He is currently living at and participating fully in all dimensions of the OSHO Afroz meditation centre, located in the small valley of Eresos on the Greek island of Lesvos.
The recent experience (2015) of becoming a father has served as a rediscovery of the beauty of life and a reawakening of life’s amazing qualities!

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