Coaching is one of the ways people learn. I grew up with the idea of ​​having an university degree and a stable job, and that’s all about learning.

I grew up as the concepts of lifelong learning appeared more and more and I enjoyed it. It was a sign that the mandate of learning was being extended, that it continued after college.

Today I find it increasingly clear that it is our main activity as humans. We are progressing as a species because we learn and share learning, for the benefit of all.

Coaching is one of the deepest forms of learning. It turns you around. It pushes you to the edge of the abyss to look at you … and from there it embraces you in the most beautiful way.

It is alive, uncertain, rich and full of kindness. It may scare you that you have no idea where you are going, how it turns you, how it makes you feel that you have no resources, and that you will not have anywhere else to go. But all this tells you your mind.

What’s most beautiful when you grow up through coaching is that you get these great lessons of life in a good way for you. I mean, it does not let you fall, be rebellious and say it’s a crazy exercise, a jump into void towards unknown. It is waiting for you to be prepared, to let as you are, to be an adult and to go out more right with you from that session.

So while I was training as a coach, from the client role I chose the objective I had for that session and then who knows where I was going. I kept my observer as long as I could, and I kept wondering, “What am I to learn from here?”

Today I look at the coaching session as a session where a person is ready to grow up with himself and learn the lessons he is willing to assume, live and transform into a man as he pleases . Coaching is learning in the most assumed, conscious and profound way.

Corina Gheonea, Community Strategist – UiPath Romania