The Series “Journal of a Coach”

It was Friday, April 11, 2014, and I was preparing to start a new development program.

I was hopeful, because, I thought, this program was going to bring me more knowledge in the form of knowledge, so more solutions …

Well, what followed was in fact a journey that continues also today, and it is the exploration of my Ego, a successful exploration thanks to my wonderful colleagues who took part in the program and the mentors of the One2Coach School that I feel right now here !

Coaching really appeared to me when I was able to “see”, “touch” and “feel” my own limits, then live with satisfaction with revelation, with more ease and fewer canons.

And, YES, the experience I lived brought me more… more of me, from what I am and I did not know, from what I wanted and did not know, from what I would do with my “new”… brought me when I wake up living my life!

I firmly believe in the existence of the Unlimited Power within us, our living interior with all the Resources we have and we need to be aware of them to activate them at certain moments of our lives.

Thank you all and allow me to thank both for the unique moments offered during the training program and for what will follow.

Monica Vartic – SAP Business Processes Consultant